Single-phase capacitors in self-healing metalized polypropylene for discharge lamps with aluminium case Type B

GENERAL INFORMATION The so-called fluorescent lamps, or discharge lamps, require a ballast, which keeps the current of the electric arc constant, according to the pre-set value. The ballast, being an inductive load, causes an increase of the reactive current with a strong reduction of the power factor, with values even lower than cosφ 0,5. To bring the power factor back within the cosφ 0,9 limits, as stated by the law, it is necessary to connect a suitable capacitor to the feeding circuit. Safety MECO capacitors shown in this catalogue have been tested according to IMQ-ENEC. The CMS series capacitors are extremely safe and reliable and they are processed on automatic production lines, according to the most advanced production techniques. The metal case fitting allows them to be equipped with an overpressure safety device. T his is a construction system which allows to deactivate the capacitor immediately in case of an accidental internal fault. For example when a permanent short circuit occurs (continuous regeneration of the dielectric of the capacitive element) the current generated causes the decomposition of the dielectric through combustion with the consequent development of gas. Under the pressure created the upper part of the case is strained so that one of the feeding conductors breaks and the capacitor is deactivated. The use of high quality and reliable materials, namely metalized polypropylene film at very low losses carefully manufactured and checked in our factory ensures improcved electric characteristics and therefore maximum performance and longer life of the capacitors.

Caratteristiche tecniche  
Technical details
Tolleranza capacità±10% CMS2
Capacitance tolerance±5% CMS4
Tensione nominale250 Vac CMS2
Rated voltage450 Vac CMS4
Frequenza nominale50/60 Hz
Rated frequency
Angolo di perditatan∂ ≤20 • 10-4 (Vn - 50 Hz)
Loss angle
Temperatura di lavoro-40°C +100°C
Operating temperature
Categoria climatica40/100/21
Climatic category
Tensione di provaCMS2: tra le armature: 500 Vac x 2”
CMS4: tra le armature: 900 Vac x 2”
verso Massa: 2000 Vac x 2”
Test voltageCMS2: between terminals: 500 Vac x 2”
CMS4: between terminals: 900 Vac x 2”
between terminals and case: 2000 Vac x 2”
Resistenza isolamento104 MΩ • μF
Insulation resistance
Norma di riferimentoEN61048 - EN61049 - AMDT1 - AMDT2
Reference standard
OmologazioniCMS2: IMQ - ENEC
Grado di protezioneIP00
Protection degree
Resistenza di scaricaNel push-in
Discharge resistorInside push-in
Sistemi di sicurezzaInterruzione a sovrapressione
Safety devicesOverpressure break action


Improper use of the capacitor such as, for example, applications that involve exceeding the capacities and/or characteristics reported on a given capacitor, it can cause an irreversible breakdown and/or breakage that can occur with the explosion of capacitor or with a deterioration such as to manifest loss of capacity, increase of power factor and permanent circuit interruption. MECO S.r.l. declines any responsibility for damage to the condenser, to persons or things deriving from improper or incorrect use of their products.
RoHS Directive MECO condensers are in line with the European directive 2002/95/EC already known as RoHS directive.